Devins in his new apartment

Devin is all squared away in his first apartment along with three other boys attending TSTC Waco. It was hard on him and his mom to leave him there by himself but I have every faith in him that he will do well. I think we have talked more today than we have in the last week!!!

The apartment is definitely the ultimate bachelor pad. They had a big party in his apartment apparently last semester that resulted in quite a bit of damage that the previous tenants had to pay to repair. The cabinets are hung wrong, the floor is nasty, the bathroom... well lets just say that I wont be using it... ever!

After getting him all unpacked we took him out for dinner. We had a nice family dinner at the cracker barrel and then we took him shopping. He did well choosing groceries for himself for the first time in his life and Mom paid the bill. He is set with tv dinners and soup for a few weeks. I was even super nice and bought him Dr. Peppers which I don't approve of him drinking because of his teeth.

His bed that the apartment complex provides was quite nasty and we requested a new one. Instead of getting a new one though we have found a nice futon for him. It will work out better for him since he doesn't exactly fit in a twin bed. Poor baby's legs hang off the bed from about mid shin. This futon is wood and not super nice but a much improved version of his current bed. We will take it to him this weekend. Its a full sized bed which should accomodate his height better for sure.

Makayla cried the hardest of us all. She was not very happy with any of us that we were allowing her brother to move out and be so far away from her. She was devastated and is still quite upset with me today. She asked me why I call her "sister" all the time and I told her it was because she was Devin's sister. To which she replied not anymore because Devin is in his own apartment. I just cant convince her that she is still his sister even though he isn't going to live with us for a while. She loves her brother for sure!


Anonymous said...

Poor, Makayla! I guess that will be a big adjustment for her.

The kitchen space doesn't look bad from the pictures. I'm sure as things settle down and the semester really gets underway that his roommates will settle down, too.