I make beautiful babies...

Devin came hom for a visit this weekend and I happened to grab the camera and make him suffer through a few shots. What I noticed after I took them is that I have made some beautiful children. Well with the help of a husband and God.

Seriously though... look at these faces!!! You certainly cant miss their eyes thats for sure. That my friends is 100% mommy given. Both daddys have brown eyes so kids... bow down and thank God and your mother for having those gorgeous eyes!!! I tell ya its almost a shame I cant have anymore children.

Dang I am good and I thank God daily for blessing me with two beautiful and healthy children. I pray they continue to be happy in their lives.


Anonymous said...

It's so funny you mentioned the eyes! Even before I read your post, that was what popped out at me from the pictures. LOL I had just thought, "Wow, his eyes are really blue" when I then read your post.

They're both cuties. It looks like a little sister is in hog heaven with big brother home. :)