Makayla's Visit with Santa

Our visit with Santa 2009 went very well. In all years past we have had to coax Makayla to Santa and then try to keep her from crying while sitting in his lap long enough to take a photo.

This year she was more than excited to see Santa and tell him her list of things she wanted. Which of course included a whole host of horses and horse accessories! *sigh* Its tough seeing her grow up so fast. I wish time would slow down some so these years dont go by as fast as they did with Devin.


For your viewing pleasure...

A year in review slideshow for you to watch! Its not complete with everything that happened this year but pretty close.

All the pictures from Devins graduation were really blurry so you will have to watch the video I bought to see his graduation!


Halloween 2009

There's no place like home, There's no place like home! Yes... Makayla dressed up like Dorothy from the Wizzard of Oz for halloween this year. She was adorable! Of course her favorite part of the costume was the ruby slippers . Because what girl is complete without owning a pair of ruby slippers? Mommy also let her wear some make-up! Real live lipstick was on her lips!

I unfortunately had to miss the festivities due to being sick. My co-worker came to work sick on Thurs and shared her germs with me once again. My throat is on fire and im afraid its strep throat so I will have to visit the doctor tomorrow *sigh* I dont have the time, energy or money to keep getting sick. From now on if anyone around me even LOOKS sick I am going home...

I am hoping if I rest up for the day I will be able to attend trunk or treat tonight and have some of Roberts chili for the chili cookoff at church. I guess I will just have to see how the day goes. Im really tired of having to miss out on all of the fun stuff because I keep getting other peoples germs. I wish they would stay home with them and quit sharing!


2009 Preschool Pictures

I am so thrilled with how the school pictures turned out this year. I bought a huge package and have the copyright to them so I can order as many more as I want at walmart cheap!


I make beautiful babies...

Devin came hom for a visit this weekend and I happened to grab the camera and make him suffer through a few shots. What I noticed after I took them is that I have made some beautiful children. Well with the help of a husband and God.

Seriously though... look at these faces!!! You certainly cant miss their eyes thats for sure. That my friends is 100% mommy given. Both daddys have brown eyes so kids... bow down and thank God and your mother for having those gorgeous eyes!!! I tell ya its almost a shame I cant have anymore children.

Dang I am good and I thank God daily for blessing me with two beautiful and healthy children. I pray they continue to be happy in their lives.


Devins in his new apartment

Devin is all squared away in his first apartment along with three other boys attending TSTC Waco. It was hard on him and his mom to leave him there by himself but I have every faith in him that he will do well. I think we have talked more today than we have in the last week!!!

The apartment is definitely the ultimate bachelor pad. They had a big party in his apartment apparently last semester that resulted in quite a bit of damage that the previous tenants had to pay to repair. The cabinets are hung wrong, the floor is nasty, the bathroom... well lets just say that I wont be using it... ever!

After getting him all unpacked we took him out for dinner. We had a nice family dinner at the cracker barrel and then we took him shopping. He did well choosing groceries for himself for the first time in his life and Mom paid the bill. He is set with tv dinners and soup for a few weeks. I was even super nice and bought him Dr. Peppers which I don't approve of him drinking because of his teeth.

His bed that the apartment complex provides was quite nasty and we requested a new one. Instead of getting a new one though we have found a nice futon for him. It will work out better for him since he doesn't exactly fit in a twin bed. Poor baby's legs hang off the bed from about mid shin. This futon is wood and not super nice but a much improved version of his current bed. We will take it to him this weekend. Its a full sized bed which should accomodate his height better for sure.

Makayla cried the hardest of us all. She was not very happy with any of us that we were allowing her brother to move out and be so far away from her. She was devastated and is still quite upset with me today. She asked me why I call her "sister" all the time and I told her it was because she was Devin's sister. To which she replied not anymore because Devin is in his own apartment. I just cant convince her that she is still his sister even though he isn't going to live with us for a while. She loves her brother for sure!


New Hair...

Well its not the best picture because I didn't get home until after dark and my house is a cave but you can see that I had some blond and red highlight/lowlight added to my hair today. It was cut again too but its the same cut I have had for a few months now. Its called a swing bob and I LOVE it! Its short but cute and sassy... just like me!

Calysta didn't straighten it tonight because it took so long to get it colored so its not as cute as it would normally be. Ill try to get Robert to take another photo of it once its daylight and you can catch the color a little better.

So tell me... do you like the red? Dig the cut? Hate it? no... don't tell me if you hate it because I love it!!! I'm so diggin' the red... maybe next time Ill go completely red for a while and watch my fiery personality come to life! teehee