New Hair...

Well its not the best picture because I didn't get home until after dark and my house is a cave but you can see that I had some blond and red highlight/lowlight added to my hair today. It was cut again too but its the same cut I have had for a few months now. Its called a swing bob and I LOVE it! Its short but cute and sassy... just like me!

Calysta didn't straighten it tonight because it took so long to get it colored so its not as cute as it would normally be. Ill try to get Robert to take another photo of it once its daylight and you can catch the color a little better.

So tell me... do you like the red? Dig the cut? Hate it? no... don't tell me if you hate it because I love it!!! I'm so diggin' the red... maybe next time Ill go completely red for a while and watch my fiery personality come to life! teehee


Jessica said...

I love it! It looks great!!!

sdmusgrove said...

The cut looks cute! I can't really see the red in the pictures, but then...ahem...NO ONE'S red looks quite like mine! LOL I'll have to check out the coloring when I see you next. :)

I thought you were going to do pink? Oh, and should I brace Chris for the change?

Katrina said...

Well I wanted to do pink but when I said I was going to Karens eyes got a little big and she told me I couldnt do crazy hair when I teach the little kids...LOL I cant imagine why?

We were discussing this while getting my hair done and decided its a great way to teach the preschoolers colors! Dont you think? hehehe