Halloween 2009

There's no place like home, There's no place like home! Yes... Makayla dressed up like Dorothy from the Wizzard of Oz for halloween this year. She was adorable! Of course her favorite part of the costume was the ruby slippers . Because what girl is complete without owning a pair of ruby slippers? Mommy also let her wear some make-up! Real live lipstick was on her lips!

I unfortunately had to miss the festivities due to being sick. My co-worker came to work sick on Thurs and shared her germs with me once again. My throat is on fire and im afraid its strep throat so I will have to visit the doctor tomorrow *sigh* I dont have the time, energy or money to keep getting sick. From now on if anyone around me even LOOKS sick I am going home...

I am hoping if I rest up for the day I will be able to attend trunk or treat tonight and have some of Roberts chili for the chili cookoff at church. I guess I will just have to see how the day goes. Im really tired of having to miss out on all of the fun stuff because I keep getting other peoples germs. I wish they would stay home with them and quit sharing!


Anonymous said...

We missed you! I'm sure you've been enjoying the whistles that we made sure Makayla got from us, though.

Jess is the one who told her to take 2. Not that I'm tattling or anything.